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Using hobbiespot

A short guide to get the most out of it


This part is easy, think of all the things you like and follow each of them. Now events and posts related to your favorite hobbies show up on your wall.


Choose from over 700 different activities in the app! 


Share a bit about yourself with others. Click on the settings icon then click “Edit profile” to modify your personal information, add a cute profile photo, link your other social media accounts, write a bio and pick your home base. Save changes and return to your profile page.


As you explore the app, use the profile icon to return to this page.


Got something to share? Cool video or photo of your last adventure?


Click the plus icon in the bottom navigation menu to start creating posts to share with your followers.

Search for events

Looking for a lit weekend plan?


Browse through all the events happening in your area by clicking on the event stack icon.


Change your location manually with the location icon on the top right of the event page and filter which events you browse through based on location radius, activity category and dates using the filter icon on the top right.

Create events

Ready to plan your first event? Let’s do this! Click on the plus icon and then choose ‘create event’.


First, pick a colorful photo, then fill in all the details: event title, description, any links to additional information, dates and times.


Then select in which category this event belongs and whether or not attendees will pay to attend.


You also have the option of making private event, click the private slider to create a unique event URL to share this private event with your friends.


That’s it! You’ve planned your first event!


Need to get in contact with other users to coordinate your next event or share memories from the last one?


Go to your profile and click on the arrow icon above the settings button and chat with others. Functions just like any other direct messaging system, text away!


Looking forward to updates on the event you just registered for?


Allow notifications on your phone to get the latest information in push notifications. Then, within the app, click the notifications icon to review your recent and past notifications.

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