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November Project: Summit Ave

November Project: Summit Ave

November Project: Summit Ave

Category: Health and Wellness

Location: Brookline

Address: Summit Avenue,

Event date: noviembre 22, 2019

Rain or shine. Always free.

Summit Avenue is a street that goes up the Corey hill located on the Brighton–Brookline line. This workout covers a 4-mile long portion of the Brookline side.

Gradient of the incline varies from approximately 7-8% during the first third of the hill and it goes up to 16-17% in the last quarter of the piece. Workout consists of five flights of up and down the hill for the total distance of 4 miles (sometimes adding more repeats, increased intensity, or group oriented runs). Starting line is by by the fire hydrant on top of the hill and the turnaround point is the “No Parking” sign on the corner of Summit and Beacon Street. Clock starts and stops at the TOP of the hill.

November Project is Boston’s FREE, grassroots community fitness program.


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