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Category: Photography

Location: Melrose

Address: Main Street, 100

Event date: noviembre 20, 2019

How do we edit an image to make the best print possible? Which images work for print and which do not? What paper should we print on? How should we edit for each paper? In this roundtable class, we will work with your images, discuss and process them, and discuss the printing process. We ask attendees to bring in three images on a USB drive (RAW, if possible) that they may want to print. We will review the images and choose one to edit in Adobe Lightroom and then send it to print. Attendees will leave with one print, 11×17 in size (printed on 13×19 paper) and a bit more knowledge on the process of editing and printing, not to mention the knowledge of how to take the photograph better in the field for next time.This is a class that you can take as many times as you’d like. Since you’re constantly working with new images, you’re always working out new challenges!In the class, we will have a variety of paper options to choose from, including Moab Fine Art papers. (The cost of an 11×17 or 13×19 print on fine art paper is $35-$40; the cost of this class includes the cost of that print!)

Come see your images, printed vibrantly in a large format!

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